Whats SUP



Danielle Chevalier & Chris Mingay opened Urban Surf Company on June 1 2013 at Ted Dudley’s Marina in St. Clair Beach, Ontario, Canada.

Urban Surf evolved from a Stand Up Paddle Board fitness class offered by Danielle Chevalier and Chris Mingay at Adrenaline Xtreme Fitness. At first they rented paddle boards from local Stand Up Paddle Boarder Matt Reaume’s 519sup and offered a half land fitness half SUP fitness class at Puce Marina (Sandbar) in Puce, Ontario, Canada. The class was a big hit, a lot of fun, and convinced Chevalier and Mingay they should to take things to the next level.

During the Winter of 2013 they brainstormed idea’s on how to grow their SUP Fitness classes. Considering idea’s such as using a houseboat, a mobile trailer, or renting marina space, they eventually stumbled upon vacancy at Ted Dudley’s Marina. The two were both familiar with the property and filled with idea’s once learning of it’s availability. In April 2013 they striked a deal to lease 2 boat wells and the house at the marina with a goal to open June 2013 .

Now having access to a permanent location, garage space, boat wells, and a large parking lot what started off as a plan to offer only SUP Fitness classes grew into offering a Healthy Smoothie Bar, Paddle Board Rentals, Sunset Paddles, and variety of Fitness Classes.

The 2013 Season kicked off attracting a lot of attention from local media including the Windsor Star, AM800, BIZ X Magazine, and Eye’s On Windsor. Stand Up Paddle Boarding and the idea of a form of Surfing in Essex-County created a lot of interest and excitement for the new sport. During the first year Urban Surf Company decided to offer Summer Camps, SUP Yoga, and begin shaping their own urban surf paddle board design in honour of Ted Dudley’s the original founder of the Marina, which now provides such a open recreation hot spot to our community.

The incredible sport Stand Up Paddle Boarding has seen amazing growth over the past few years with no sign of fading. The thinking within the SUP industry is that wherever there is water, there [eventually] will be stand up paddle boarding. More people paddle boarding means more people spending time on the water, peering into the water below them, and generally developing a connection and appreciation to our surrounding.

Moving into the Seventh Season this 2018 we plan to offer more rental options, a larger variety of classes, more events, land fitness classes, a new menu of healthy smoothies, a more “resort feel”, and create more Lake St. Clair Lifestyle merchandise where 10% of sales will be donated to “The Pike Creek Project”.

The money collected for The Pike Creek Project will be put directly towards it’s objectives:

  • Creek Information and Safety Signage 
  • Organized Clean-Ups
  • Conservation and Restoration

We would like to thank everyone in our community for their support at Urban Surf. Our goal is to create a destination for you to come and enjoy the Outdoors, Lake St. Clair, and Time with your Friends and Family.

Thanks again for being a part of Urban Surf Company, we look forward to seeing you soon!




Stand-Up Paddle Surfing, AKA ; SUP, is rapidly growing all over the globe with the sport originating from Hawaii. It is traced back to the 1940′s in Tahiti. Wow have we been missing out in Canada EH?

The sport is quickly gaining popularity all over the world because of its graceful simplicity and quick learning curve.  SUP is now finding it’s groove on inland lakes, rivers and ponds.

We are proud to be among the small group of Windsor/Detroit Paddlers to spread paddling in the Essex-County, Lake St. Clair Region.


“SUP” Fastest Growing Sport on the Water


SUP is a no-impact sport that anyone can do, you can even have someone sitting on the front of the board well you paddle. SUP will positively effect you mentally, physically and emotionally. Being out on the water with nothing but the board between your feet, it’s pretty awesome!! No experience is necessary. Stand-Up Paddle Surfing is easier than surfing and we don’t even have waves so get out their and make your own. The act of standing up on a board for the first time is exhilarating! From there, the sport opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and Adrenaline. SUP races are starting to pop up all over and anyone with a board can join. Keep an eye on when our Open Try-Out’s start for our Urban Surf Race Team. SUP is arguably the most versatile water sport in the world – whether you want to surf , cruise or catch a challenging whitewater run. You can even compete in SUP races, do workouts or sunset paddles. It’s incredible what these boards can do in your life. Not everyone wants the hassle of owning a boat of any sizes. It’s a lot of work and money year round. These SUP boards anyone can have and enjoy with their family and friends. The sport’s real essence may be the amount of freedom it allows you, providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with nature. SUP is also an incredible tool to help you get fit. Your having so much fun on it you don’t even realize that your developing core strength and balance at the same time. Your arms will burn and even your legs too, holding that balanced stance the whole time will really tighten those buns.