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With our ideal location, you can discover all that Lake St. Clair has to offer; from nearby restaurants to social destinations, the area has something spectacular for everyone.

Ted Dudleys Marina is not just a c​onvenient location for your boat. Our family-friendly marina is a growing facility which includes a washroom/change room, smoothie bar, and plenty of relaxed seating along the property.

Our charming facilities combined with professional service from our dedicated staff ensure you will have an exceptional experience both on and off the water!​​​​​.


30 Boat Slips. Facilities includes washrooms, change room, water, electricity, seating areas.


Our members only deep cement boat ramp has trailer parking and easy access to Pike Creek/Lake St. Clair hotspots.


Lake St. Clair is a local paradise. With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160
miles of shoreline its yours to discover.

Ripe for boat parties with an average depth of 11ft, in the summer months you can stumble upon some of the biggest raft off’s in North America, along with a third of the entire great lakes sport fishing, and elite water sport athletes tearing up conditions perfect for wake boarding, stand up paddling, kite-boarding, water skiing, and sailing. 

Lake St. Clair culture represents a life of leisure with waterfront restaurants, beaches, and parks dusted along its shoreline. For those who like the outdoors and looking for some relaxation, there is no better way than to get closer. Relieve stress while sun tanning at the beach, fishing, boating or floating on a raft. 

Urban Surf is all about promoting all ways to enjoy Lake St. Clair, though when we have our own day off  we prefer the paddling, relaxing, paddling, catching some rays of sunshine… oh, and paddling.

To protect and conserve our Lake Lifestyle, Urban Surf donates 5% of Lake St. Clair Lifestyle merchandise to the Pike Creek Project.  By inspiring and educating our generation to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle we hope to preserve Lake St. Clair to enjoy for generations to come.