$25 for 1 hour | $10 for each additional hour | Rentals Everyday 9am – 6pm

Call or Text to reserve: 519-790-8017


You can just show up, BUT, on nice days we recommend calling or texting ahead to reserve a board – 519-790-8017.

Must be 13+ to operate pedal boards. Step out of your routine and onto a pedalboard. The Mirage Eclipse gives you the stability, control and power to chart your own course. Wind, waves, and wake? No worries. It’s wider than a paddleboard and its hull and handlebars are optimized for stability. Get ready for an extra-balanced ride.

We have loading docks here at Urban Surf and give a instructional demo before sending you off on the boards if it’s your first time. All boards are beginner friendly and come equipped with a Safety Lesson, PFD, and a leash. There’s nothing quite like a  day at the lake. The warm sun, fresh air and beautiful water is a combination that just can’t be beat.


  • Explore around Canals
  • Head to the Lake and Relax
  • Go for a Deep Lake Swim
  • Work on your Tan…or Work Out?
  • Go out with Friends
  • Kids  can ride on your board with you


If under 18 have parent/guardian sign this waiver. Bring in-person or by email to